Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letting Go of a Dream

Sometimes in life we come face to face with letting go of a dream.  A dream that you have held on to for years.  You have been in contact with the universes and followed the laws of attraction.  The universe failed to deliver.  It's hard to let go of that dream, and hard to let go of that vision that you look forward to. That dream is sometimes the reason for getting up in the morning. 

How do you let go.  How do we do it.  How do we get over the fact that a dream that felt so real, so close to your heart and to your touch, just vanished before your eyes.   

Sometimes letting go of that dream can be likened to a divorce or a death.  A death of a Dream.  The taste, the feeling, the smell and the touch have been so real and vivid for so long that letting go of it seems .........impossible.  

When you feel that the universe holds back on delivering a dream you have to believe that it is because our best interests are being looked after. 

Your soul, your heart and your being will survive, it will go on.   You are strong. Its time to put that dream to rest and focus on a new dream.   One that will bring sunshine and no disappointment into your world.  One that will open many doors and not let you down. The new dream will be just around the corner, and on the wish of the last star you see that new day.

Gently release that dream.   Send it off with all the love and best wishes.   Release that dream and let the one that is supposed to come true and find you.

Today I am holding the last star.  I am releasing an old dream and I wish for it love and happiness without negativity at my loss.  I am wishing for greatness and strength.  I am looking for a new dream to come true today.  I have written an old chapter in my book and began a new one.  

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