Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bailey's Babies

There is nothing sweeter in life than watching a new life come in to the world. I've had the good fortune to witness and assist at the birth of new babies, colts and puppies.

Before her pups were born, Bailey followed me around the house almost as a reminder that I dare not leave her as 'her time' was coming soon. Now that the seven little Angels have arrived both Bailey and I work as a team to ensure that her babies are taken care of.
If she gets up to leave her new pups Bailey will put a stuffed bear in the with them until she returns.

Sleeping pups curled into one another.

Bailey's pups cuddled in the baby pool 'crib'.
new pup cradled in my arms.
And next............ the new pups each get a name......... and a bit about their emerging personalities.


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