Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Diana :: No Invitation Required

It is an exciting day today; Princess Diana's son Prince William is getting married.

In the front row at the cathedral will be William's mother Diana.  She will wear her famous Diana smile, the one reserved just for her children.   She is proud.  Her baby is grown up and yes today he is getting married.   Did Princess Diana have a hand in the choice of who is to become his bride.   Absolutely! 

Diana was a wonderful mother.   She loved her boys with all her heart and they her.   Princes William and Harry will always feel and know that their Mother is right there beside them.

Diana loves the fact that William has chosen Kate, and that Kate is wearing her engagement ring.  There has been talk about the failed marriage and association with the ring; is it a bad omen?  It is NOT true.  Kate knows and feels Diana's approval.  William would not be with Kate if he didn't love her or know that he had his Mothers full approval.   The 'famous' ring signifies Diana's blessing and each sparkle from that ring is a flash from Diana's smile.   It is as rare as the love this couple has declared for each other.

William is in Love.  He didn't settle for second best. His mother taught him that. Diana ensured her boys knew what love is, and from the 'other side' that they would and will find love.
When Kate sweeps down the aisle, Diana will be standing beaming at her new Daughter-in-law.  Diana will be there helping Kate stand up to the Royal Family.
Kate will not be a push over and she will not be maneuvered by the Rules of the Royal Family.   Kate will be Kate, just as Diana was Diana.

Kate will be strong and she will stand by her man.   It is not an easy journey for this young couple over the next couple of years.   But their heads will be held high and the people will love both William and Kate equally.   There will be huge changes within the Palace when William takes the throne, he is the peoples Prince just as Diana was the peoples Princess.

William will lead by example, his compassion and strength will amaze the everyone.   William will always respect his Grandmother, but he definitely will set his own rules.  The last few years England has grown tired of the Royal Family, and is not supportive of the crown.   William will turn those feelings around for the people of England.  Once again the country will shout Long Live the King.   William will be a King the people will be proud of. He will continue to help the people, and will hold his Mother's charities close to his heart.  

Are there children in the young royals future?  Yes indeed, I see first a boy and then a girl.   The boy will not sit still for a moment, and will be busy, busy; he will be a ham for the camera and always up to no good.   The future heir is just the thing the stale cold castle needs. His laughter will light up the palace and he will have the most amazing eyes.  The little girl will be shy and quiet.   She will have a love of books and history.   Her little smile is breath taking (like Princess Catherine), she will be wearing hats and pretty shoes.  She will love to be dressed up.  

There is new life flowing into a stuffy old palace and we are blessed to be able to be a part of it.   Where Diana has left a hole, Kate now comes in to fill it.   Kate will have Diana's input, her presence and guidance.   Diana will ensure her son is happy and gives this couple her blessing.

 Look really close Diana will be sitting in the front row. She will be walking out right behind her Son, and will wave gently at the crowds.   Diana's ghost is no longer haunting the castle or constantly reminding the walls of her tragic and bitter past.  She is now laying those memories to rest and waiting for those walls to fill with the laughter of her soon to be grandchildren.   

The future now looks bright for the Royal Family and once again the Royals have Diana to thank for that.

** images Mario Testino

Thursday, April 28, 2011


When the EMPRESS shows up in your reading you are very close to reaching your goals. The EMPRESS represents Mother Earth and all of the riches she has to offer.  You have much to be proud of. It's time to reach for the stars and go for the gold because within Mother Earth she holds all the precious gems, minerals and gold. With the EMPRESS you can do anything.

The EMPRESS personifies fertility, prosperity, perhaps a new home, peace, and an abundance of good things to come. For someone waiting for a child to come she often brings good news of babies on the way, or a birth of a new project.

 The Empress brings new energy and spice into a relationship or marriage. Things on the horizon just seem so much brighter. Everything is falling into place.

REVERSED ..............

ROAD BLOCKS, ROAD BLOCKS, ROAD BLOCKS.  The harder you push ,the harder it is to open doors before you.  You are feeling like you are taking two steps forward and five steps backward.  Keep face now, this is just an intermission, things will be back on track soon.  Just let sleeping dogs lie for now. It won't be long before things turn around.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A day in My Life :: What are the funniest Questions you are asked?

These are some of my favourite stories while doing Readings.

Favorite Question

1.   Can you give me the winning LOTTERY NUMBERS?

Seriously, if I had those numbers I would be playing them MYSELF!  

Favorite Relief 

2.    I was doing some readings on the lake for some cottagers and finally reached the last lady.   Throughout the reading was incredibly nervous.   When we reached the end of our session she breathed a huge sigh of relief.    After a few moments she stated "I was so nervous that you saw me pee out in the bush last night.   I was so drunk that I was afraid to have a reading today and have you tell me about it"!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep that's me hiding in the bush waiting all night to catch someone peeing while they were drunk.   hmmmmm

A lot of people seem to think I have an ability to see their each and every move before they come to see me.

3.   My absolute favorite question is when I will ask someone "how are you today?"    The reply    "I don't know you tell me?"

Favorite Outburst

4.   When I first started to do readings for people, (other then friends and family),  I had the pleasure of reading for one man who insisted I did a reading for him at the end of the day.    After I finished the reading he stood up and shouted at me angrily "What did you do........ go out and call all my friends and relatives and ask about me?"     To which I quietly replied that one, I have never met nor do I have your families numbers;    and two,  up until an hour ago I had no idea that I would be doing a reading!!!!

I love my life.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.
Charles M. Crowe

On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer.
Douglas Horton

Easter tells us that life is to be interpreted not simply in terms of things but in terms of ideals.
Charles M. Crowe

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.
S.D. Gordon

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time.
Martin Luther

There are many wonderful stories of Easter.   This Easter lets envision a moment of PEACE throughout the world, a day that sparks New Beginnings and birth.   A breath that warms the hearts of many and gives a sense of knowing that there are great things to come.   As the spring leaves begin to unfold and lift to the sunshine for kisses from fairies and angels, let us breathe in the wonderment that nature brings to us and pull it into our souls.  May your day be blessed with ANGELS, LOVE, HAPPINESS, FAITH, PEACE,  FAMILY, & of course CHOCOLATE

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Day in my Life :: A night on the Town

It happened again.  I was simply playing cards and a woman came up to me and blasted me for practicing BLACK MAGIC.   I was dumbfounded. Really, BLACK MAGIC. Heck I didn't even wear my scary witch cape; oh and darn I forgot my black cat and my hairy wart.  

For years and years I have kept my 'ability' hidden from our community.   If I do readings, the minimum distance has always been one to two hours away from home.  Most of my family has no idea that I know and see things.   My Parents are aware, as are my Siblings, my Husband and my Children. In fact, my youngest Daughter takes great pride in telling people what I do.  My Aunts, Uncles and  Cousins have no knowledge about my gift; they are very religious and I would be in their eyes a spawn of the devil or a witch.     

The woman proclaimed to a room full of approximately 40 people that (in her opinion) I worship the devil. How did she become aware of my ability?  It was a simple question asked from a friend that spawned her curiosity.  I simply smiled at the woman, now feeling more secure in my world. Then I sent Angels to work with the woman and to send her on her way.
It worked within minutes of the woman pointing her finger in my face; she had forgotten what she was ranting about and went on her way.  I thanked Angel Michael for protecting me and surrounding me with His shield.
It was like the entire room forgot about the outburst just as quickly as it had started.  I smiled again.  At the end of the evening the woman cheered me a friendly 'goodbye'.

Ten years ago I would have run........ and probably cried. Now I know who I am and I am proud of my abilities. 

Can I do magic ? I WISH! Like BeWitched, I'd wiggle my nose and have my house cleaned!  Now that would save me a lot of money, time and produce less arguments with my Children and Husband.

Black magic ?! It's not like I can go around turning people into frogs, or frogs into a Prince. Wouldn't that be nice - P O O F - you're a frog today. Not very nice thing to do, but maybe the woman thought that I could steal the minds of people and make them do silly things.   WHO KNOWS.

I am me. I have an A B I L I T Y !  An ability that I feel all of us are born with. An ability  that some people can use to keep the communication lines open to know, to hear, to see and to feel things. Each persons abilities is dependent on the individual and their openness to their gift.

You hear it all the time; "I knew I shouldn't have done that" or  "I should have listened to my gut feeling" and "I had a bad feeling all day long". Ummm,  does that fit into the BLACK MAGIC category ? Well, NO.
Now because I do readings for various people the WITCH HUNT is on. Well game on.

I am not going to hide this gift anymore. This is who I am, like it or leave it. So if my blog goes missing or you see a picture of me hanging in the tree,  it's game off.

I will not to be going to the woman's house and pack a little magic spell, or get into her mind.   But I can guarantee I will have fun with this...... (ok, evil little giggle happening in my head. Each week when I play Euchre with the woman I will elude  that I know exactly what cards she has in her hand......  and I'll throw her a wink.

 I think maybe I just might have a great time after all.

People are silly; some of them they think that I think about them all day long and about what is going on in their lives....... and they call me for an update. I think some people wouldn't get out of bed if I told them not to.
This is common sense. It is a glimpse into the future of what may be coming your way.  You have total control of your life. You can choose to ignore what I see and if something in your life needs to change or be addressed you have the heads up. Its just like when the government leaks a document, you have the knowledge.  You can either leave things be or make a change.   What are you going to do?

Most people are afraid of the future. 

'The strength inside me is greater than the fear of the future before me.' 
 author unknown 

The great thing is that sometimes I am able to look ahead and calm someones fear.   Is everything that I see positive, of course not.  Can we change everything in the future.   The answer is NO. Not everything down the road can be changed but; if we know maybe what is coming, we can prepare and get ready. 

Recently I did a reading for a lovely lady, I asked if she had been to a doctor lately.  I felt she needed to have her breast looked at.  She knew she has breast cancer.   Again I asked if she had been to a doctor.   She said no.   She knows. She felt the lump and her breast is dis-coloured; she claimed its cancer.  She calmly announced that she was ready to go.  She felt that her job was done here;  but 'thanks for noticing and caring'. 
That was a first time experience for me.  But it is her life, her choice and her road.   Not all of us could walk that path.  Could she alter her path? Absolutely. Did she want to. NO.   My job is to relay the information that comes to me. I am not to process it, I don't own it, and I am not to tell people what to do.  

Well, the town had better get ready for me.   I am opening the doors, putting out the shingle and doing readings here.  My invisible cloak is gone, I am getting stronger and  I believe in myself and in my gift.   There will be no scary cloak, no black cat and I will reserve the frog option for a couple of weeks (I still think that could be fun).

Look for me hanging in the trees, but only on a swing watching for the fairies. 

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