Monday, May 9, 2011

Wish on the Stars

Do you ever take the time to wish on a Star?  Or even take the time to look at the beauty of the Stars???

I remember when I was only twelve, I had just exchanged rooms with one of my siblings. I moved from the front of the house to the back, so that when i slept at night I could see the stars and wish on them.   You see I was going into High School and I had no friends.   So I looked to the skies and wished.   I wished for a friend.  

When I was 23, and our adorable little girl who was three and we were on the way home from a movie called 'Three Men and a Baby'.   I saw a shooting star in the sky and I wished for a little boy.  

I was 30 and six months pregnant and I was extremely ill; I had to have major surgery. At that time I was scared I wished upon a star.

I am 46 there are many changes coming into my life.   Today I wished on a star.

Stars sparkle with magic, it doesn't matter where you are in the world there are always stars.  Maybe they are not visible every night, but when they come out they dazzle us with their gleaming blanket over the midnight sky.

Many times I will get up in the night and go into our great room; there I can look up and gaze at the stars. Our windows are void of any curtains because I want to see the stars and the moon cross across my window at night.   

I find great comfort in the stars. I know from my first three wishes, that wishing on stars does come true.   I have great friends, I have my Sons Isaiah and Jarrod, and my youngest daughter Aysha is safe and sound.  

As for my latest wish, well you will just have to wait and see, but I know it will be coming true in the next couple of months.  


  1. I find great comfort in the stars as well. They fill me with awe and hope and make me remember about the greatness and majesty of God.

  2. I also feel the same thing. I feel comfort when I'm gazing at the stars and moon every night.

  3. I use that line of text often for my writings,
    Since I also watched the show The 10th Kingdom where the introduction song of that show is named 'Wishing on A star'! Because of that it continues to inspire me. And yesh in my writing I did wished for something,

    "I’ll be wishing on a star, I’m wishing on a dream! To find my balance so I can get to my Highest Peak!"

    I used your 8th photo as a waterwark for the writing about this theme. It's inspiring that I read this, it truly meant something in your life! That's good to read!

  4. Stars always look magical. Its a shame you can't see them in cities.


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