Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bring on the Light

The shortest day without light has passed.  Winter Solstice brings us the first day of winter and the return of the light.   The light will begin to shine brighter and brighter day by day.  

I need the light.

My light seemed to leave when my children moved away from home.  I'm feeling the effects of empty nest syndrome even though my youngest Daughter is still at home {and very active}. Both of my Son's moved away and while my youngest Son promises me that he is returning back to live in our town, I'm felling the void.   
My oldest Daughter lives out of province and does not come home to visit but once a year. Now she is expecting her first baby and the likelyhood of her flying across the country with a baby in tow is minimal. My first Grand child, a Grandson, will be born across the country.  

My light went out. It brightened and flickered momentarily when I found out I was to be a Grandmother, but it has not remained bright. I dwell on the what couldn't be and out of my reach, instead of what is in front of me.   I am missing my three children at the Christmas table this year and I feel empty.

Everyone looks to me to explore into their world, and I do with pleasure. I do get a bit jealous that I don't have the same ability to look at my life. It's true, psychics cannot read their own path.  I want to look down the road and see the light in my life. I am weary from the rugs being pulled out from under my feet without me seeing. It feels at times that I am being blindsided. It's a frustrating feeling for someone who see's so much in others.

Well the last rug has been pulled. 

I am on the bare floor without a rug in sight and there is nothing more to take.  
I am looking for the light.  
I am looking for the miracles.  

I am very proud of my children, I am glad that I taught them to be independent. They feel that they can do anything, go anywhere; and that they reach and aim for all of their goals with success.   I am glad that I am close with all of my children that we communicate well and on a regular basis. I love to hear about their work days, pregnancy days, and their jokes at my expense.
................. oh, but I miss the comedy show at my house. 

I have struggled this year more than I have in the past. But I've come to the conclusion that the light is coming with the new year and why should December come easier for me.  
My guides have a great sense of humour saying 'Oh, she is down and out. Let's show her what it really means to be down and out'.  
Ok. I get it. And in my heart I am grateful for all the goodness I have.

Look for the light and the miracles.  
Count your blessings. I have four healthy children and a beautiful Grandchild on the way.  

I see the light and in the light is my smile, my happiness, and my alarm clock to get my sorry butt out of bed and out of the house.  
It's time to make an appointment with the universe and set up my calendar for next year.
I plan to set the dates for all the miracles I need in my world.  
It's time to walk the walk, it's time to talk the talk. 

I will surround myself with Gods beautiful light. Time to bring the Angels, bring the fairies, bring the guides back into my world.  
I am putting my post-it notes up everywhere to remind me to say;

'I AM GRATEFUL for.......

I AM .......... STRONG, .......'

No time for tears, no time for sadness. 
It's time to reach deep within myself and give myself the gift of happiness.

It is two more sleeps 'til Christmas.  
I am ready to put out the decorations and put some lights on the tree.
I'm ready to have a Merry Christmas.  
Tomorrow I will go out and start my Christmas Shopping. I will look forward to a New Year and I know that despite the nest being more empty than I was ready for........ the New Year will bring new adventures. 

 I am filling the rooms up with love for my Children and new Grandbaby when they come home to visit.  

Today........ I found the light.

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  1. Yes, my Friend, let's ALL bring on the Light!
    A very wonderful, joyful Christmas to you, and to us all.
    Love, Sirkku


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