Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome Grayson

 Grayson may not know it just yet ....... and yet babies are very perceptive so he might have picked up the vibe from these first hugs, but he has the most beautiful and warm hearted Grandmother.

post written by guest blogger: Katherine from Glamour Begins At Home


  1. Congrats Cyndi on the birth of your Grandson, your beaming smile says it all. Happy Mothers Day to you and your daughter.

  2. Congratulations, and Happy Mother's Day to Cyndi and Justyne! We are all so very happy for you. May the Blessings of Light and Angels surround you always, Baby Grayson. You do indeed have an extra special Grandmother.
    Love to all!

  3. Happy Wedding Day! It will be a wonderful, beautiful day and everything will be perfect!!!
    Just remember to take care of yourself, my friend. You're the first one to tell everyone else that. xxoo


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