Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Looking for Love on Valentines Day

Its February 14, Valentines Day.  

For many a day to celebrate.   Chocolate, flowers, dinners out and romance.  For others they are looking for love and will come to me to see if I can find love in their future.

Relationships are either the first component of the reading or the second - its what everyone wants to know.   Sometimes I can look and see it is right around the corner, other times its a waiting game, sometimes nothing is there.

Then the questions will come "Will you LOOK to see if there is a tall dark and handsome fellow in my future"

There is but....
ummm this is where I walk a fine line

"I want the strong silent type ..... do you see that for me?"....

I do but......

 "I really want someone in my life that will make me laugh"

I can clearly see that ... how funny did you say.... 

"I want someone to take me out on the town"

Sometimes I feel like a waitress taking an order

Its really up to the universe and the wish list should really go out there and
becareful what you wish for you may get exactly what you want

opposites attract and


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE your Valentine's Day blog!

    Hope you had a wonderful one.
    I was at a conference.


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