Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

It's getting close to spring and many of us are dealing with the dark days of winter and the tough days of getting out of bed.  Sometimes it is a struggle to do either. And yet other days bouncing out of bed at full steam seems to be no problem at all.

Many of us drag ourselves to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and the reflection causes us to find all of our flaws instead of the great things that people see around us. 

We can see excess weight, aging, all the little things that will literally turn some people right back around into bed. It's enough to throw the covers over your head and hibernate.

It is suggested that by looking at our flaws it will encourage us to work harder to improve ourselves.  I think it puts the focus on something negative and trying to get out of that cycle is never ending.  

When we shift our focus and direction to look at the positive things in our world it allows doors to open.   A stranger walking by with a simple smile in our direction will cause us to smile back.   A small gesture of kindness toward someone else will cause your heart to lift.   So why is it so hard for us to turn that kindness and smile on ourselves?

When I am doing a reading for someone I see all the good in that person, and I see many of their struggles.  It is easier for us to examine the bad and go with it. 

Try this positive exercise :
For the month of March stick a bright coloured post-it note on your mirror that reads  'I AM', and another one that reads  'I AM GRATEFUL FOR' . Each time you are standing in front of in the mirror say at least three things positive about YOU.  

'I am strong, I am independent, I am courageous'..... see how easy that is.
Dig into your pocket of positive influence and find new things to recant each time you are exercising at the mirror.
Exercise your positive thoughts on what you are grateful for.......
'I am grateful for all of my wonderful friends, I am grateful for being me'. 

Change the focus from the negative to POSITIVE - change your life from negative to POSITIVE.

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