Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Day in my Life :: My imprint

Some years ago I was at a psychic fair giving readings.  A woman came over to me, sat down and gave me a set of wedding rings tied together with a red ribbon. As I took those rings in my hand my heart broke; I felt despair, a deep rooted sadness and such loss. I heard the word "NO".  When I looked at the woman she said to me; "I  want a one word answer".  I told her "NO". I also told her "he tells me help is coming and not don't forget your Son".   
Again I repeated the word "NO".  
I continued with the reading and knew that this woman needed help. I kept assuring her that he would send help and to hang on.  
At the end of the reading the woman explained that she had come here to find someone to tell her "YES".  Her husband had died. Now she was so lost and sad that she didn't want to be here. I told her again that she got the one word answer and it was a definite "NO".  I felt that the message was imprinted into those wedding rings.   The woman had tied the rings together with the ribbon and held them through each day of her sorrow and imprinted her feelings.

I was at a seminar another time and we were instructed to pass an item to another person and collect the impressions of that item.  A lady passed a lighter to my friend who quickly gave it at me and said she couldn't do it.
I passed the lighter back to the owner of the lighter and gave her my impressions.   Before long she was at the front of the room giving a blow by blow account of what I had told her.  I attempted to blend into the background, but she was sure to put me in the spotlight. The impressions I had from the lighter were strikingly accurate and the lady who owned the lighter was overwhelmed.
Reading from objects comes easily for me.

Antique furniture will often carry a specific energy. Try going into an antique shop and sit in some of the aged chairs.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to 'feel' -  is this a warm feeling, or a happy feeling, a cold feeling, or an angry feeling.   Sometimes you can feel the laughter. 
I have an antique piano and the previous owner of the piano loved it. When I sit at that piano I can feel the woman's love for the piano and the joy it brought to her.   Most people that come to my home tend to go over and touch the piano and make comments on how beautiful it is. I know the previous owner is drawing them in.

Accident scenes will leave imprints.  Sometimes I feel my breath sucked away, panic or an incredible sadness when I am around an accident.  Many people report in cases where there was a tragic ending to someones life, that the feelings are still there.   Either a coldness or a feeling of urgency to get out of here.  Other times you can still feel the people there working away as if nothing has changed.

Memories are contained in jewellery, houses, furniture and on land.   We imprint our lives on the things we own.   It is my hope that the imprint that I leave on my items are happy warm memories, and that when my children hold my items it brings a smile to them.
I hope that the little moments in time that hold a tragic memory for me will not be left in my imprint. I would like my Grandchildren to have the same gift as mine, to be able hold on to something and say;  "when my Grandma had this, she was very happy and lived a very rich life".

I want capture a moment in time that was fantastic

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  1. A Day in My Life...My Imprint
    How beautiful, Cyndi!
    Thank you for this day's message.

    xxoo Sirkku


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