Saturday, March 17, 2012

Find your Luck :: St. Patrick's Day

Today is St. Patrick's Day.

A day where many will spend many hours drinking green beer and then trying their luck.
Today is a day where I wish and find my luck.

My son Jarrod is able to go out and see vast amounts of clover that is on our property. Within minutes he can wander and find patches with multiple four leaf clovers.
I'd say he has no trouble finding luck.
Many of us focus on the four little leaf clovers, believing that they magically bring us luck.

And maybe the little green clovers do bring us luck, and maybe it's mind over matter. What we tend forget is that we have the magic and the power inside of us to create our own luck.  
We have the power to bring our wants and needs closer to us.
When we want something enough we have the 
ability to manifest it.
We don't really need the four leaf clover in your pocket, the luck is really desire that is  deep down inside of all of us.

If you follow people who are 'lucky' they seem to know good things are going to happen to them. They have faith.
Faith is something we often push aside and only call upon when we are looking for something in our lives at a time when it feels lost or empty.
It is then that we suddenly remember to have faith and to believe. 
It is then that we feel the MAGIC.

What if you had faith all of the time.
What if you believed in magic completely.
Think of all the wonderful things you could attract in your life.

We all have that magic in our hands, within our hearts, 
in our minds.
Today look for the magic within you 
{it's not just the luck of the Irish}.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

I made my wish ... did you?


  1. I did make my wish. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you, too, Cyndi!

  2. I like the animal pictures, I feel they have their own psychic connection to us & with us.

    As a Melbourne clairvoyant they can also be our guides.


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