Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crystal Healing :: CITRINE

The last few months have been challenging for me--- to say the least.    My world is quickly changing, for the better of course, but while my guides are busily reorganizing my life - my cash flow has been interrupted.   I know that they are altering the course of my direction.   When you allow spirit into your world amazing things will happen and doors will fly open.   In my case, however,  I throw in rules and regulations and boundaries which ultimately blocks the process of my moving forward.  (Might be the red haired temper and control issues)   I get that the road blocks are due to my institution of the rules..... but I have a conscience that says I have prior commitments that I should look after before I abandon ship.   Makes sense to me.   However, my guides, have their obvious objections to my rules and ultimately slow down my income from my present employment.   When I can fit in my readings they show me that they are very prosperous.

So I thought to myself how am I going to change this - trust in this - believe enough in myself to do this and take the leap.    Well - firstly I need to be grounded.  Next I needed to remove the negativity that I have surrounded myself with and clear my crown chakra so that I might allow spirit to guide me.   Sounds easy doesn't it.   Not quite.   How on earth was I going to accomplish this.   I was stuck.  Scared and afraid to take the next step.   Sure I have somewhere now to do my readings.   However, how will I promote them.   The last two weeks my computer has been on the fritz.   My telephone was out of order for almost two weeks until they could put a new line in.   (Alot of my cottage work is by telephone) Oh did I mention that is not the direction my guides wanted me to go AND did I mention a lot of my cottages have sold in the last year cutting my work load into a third.  So how am I going to change this.  

  I went to my cupboard and noticed my crystal bag was open.   I enjoy playing with my crystals so I opened my case and the first crystal that fell into my hand was Citrine.   I couldn't let go of it.   So I thought its time to learn about Citrine today.   I pulled out my book called "The Crystal Bible"by Judy Hall and opened the  to Citrine.   "Carrying the power of the Sun.....'    I need the sun I could feel my energy is low.   "It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy.'   I was on a roll!!  What else could this delicious little stone do for me???  It is one of the Stones of abundance it teaches you how to manifest and attract WEALTH, PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS.   It is a happy stone filled with sunshine what was I waiting for.   I put this stone in my wallet straight away.   I called a friend who is just starting a business and told her to get this stone put it in her register and keep one in her purse.   

Since doing this on Saturday, my world has shockingly changed.   Again as I previously stated my old job is quickly phasing out.   My new line for my telephone was buried on Monday.  I have had several calls for readings.   A great friend  helped me with my computer which enabled me to let people know about my exciting changes.   I can now work on my blog which empowers me.   I feel like I am a football making the field goal.   I can see past the money and know that my obligations will be looked after and I have been able to move back into that state of TRUST.   I grudgingly removed my rules and regulations and will let the doors open for me.  

My next stop will be to pick up some more of this wondrous stone.    I need to have some on me to pass along.   Its a little stone of Sunshine and I now keep it in my wallet.


  1. Today, I put the Citrine in my wallet!

    Cyndi, I love your Relax, it's Sunday blog.

    I will see you Saturday.

    Do you think I'll be successful in posting this comment? Hmmmmmm....... :-)
    xxoo Sirkku

  2. Okay, so why does it work when I choose Anonymous. But when I try to select my Google Account, I get drawn into the mysterious...

  3. By golly, I have figured it out!
    It is going to be a GLORIOUS day!


  4. Nice blog you have here :) I came across it while looking up pictures of Citrine. We took the kids to a cavern and they had a gift shop that had bags of gems and stones mixed with sand. This was so kids can go outside and pan for the gems and stones, I have been looking up the various stones we got and I think 1 of them is a Citrine.


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