Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who Inspires You?

Have you ever stopped to think about who inspires you? 

Who is the person that exemplifies the person that you would like to be?  

Is there a notable personality that you think 'boy, I would like to be like that'.

Years ago I had an incredable boss that inspired me to get to know my inner self. He taught me to look to the future and create my future.   I remember thinking he was a little crazy, how could I create and control my future?

Each visit he would leave an assignment for me to do. The first assignment was to find a picture  of someone who I would like to be like. "Remember," he said, "you must look at the whole picture and explain to me why you would like to have that picture as your mentor".  Crazy I thought, now why would I need that.  So I did.  I found someone that was a mover and shaker in the business world.   Heck at the time I was only a counter attendant.  Where did you see yourself in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 3 years, and then 5 years? Include personal goals and write down everything that you want.

At the three month mark I wanted to be a supervisor, then in six months a manager and in twelve months I wanted the regional job. My dreams included a three year marker with the corporate job in my pocket, and in five years time I wanted a new house.  

My boss had me read the works of Steven Covey. My motto became WIN WIN or NO DEAL :: the bottom line was I wanted a new car.  I did achieve those goals, each and every one of them. The interesting  thing was he had me start by writing out my goals and put them in separate envelopes which he mailed to me after the time frames of commitment.  The amazing thing was how close I was in each area. It was that I created my own future.   

The sad thing was that he left our company and I missed his teachings. Because of him I became aware of manifesting my own destiny. The last few years I have gotten out of the habit of creating my destiny but relying on the universe to provide me with one.   The universe is there for us to capture. We have to implement the plan and reach out for it, it does not fall into our laps. 

I waited for a long time for this to happen, but it just never happened.   Big sigh!   I have the right tools, I just forgot to use them.  

I have forgotten to set goals for myself. 

Someone asked me a week ago, "how do you measure success".  I laughed kind of embarrassed to tell them how I know that I have had a sucessful day. It is generally a great day when I leave the house clean, my vehicle is clean and all my jobs for the day are complete with paperwork filed and away.
It's silly. Its not about the money I earn, its about what I accomplish and how good I feel about the day. I have my 'work days' and then I have my reading days. And I love doing my Readings. I feel energized, excited for my day and I love the people I am with.   Each time there are different faces different stories and many experiences.   

How do you measure success?  Are you in a job that you are excited to go to?  Or do you feel like me sometimes that we get on that merry go round and we can't get off. Sometimes we are afraid to take the leap to the job that gives us the most pleasure and satisfaction.

So have you had someone that inspired you?  Someone that made you reach for the stars and get to the next plateau of your life. I have been fortunate to have many people that have encouraged me to reach for the stars; the list is many but the first was that special boss. He helped me see that I can do anything and I can create my future. 

The best thing was after year one taking this approach I got my new car. So again, I am chanting WIN WIN or NO DEAL ------BOTTOM LINE I WANT A NEW CAR.
I am going to have my new car and I even have the time line now.   I have my letters ready to go in the mail.


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