Friday, July 15, 2011

Today is a Full Moon

Its a full Moon today.   So what does that mean???  If you've set intentions on the new Moon, the full Moon is the time for releasing them out to universe.

With the new Moon its time to make a wish list and work on them.   With the Full Moon its time to release the energy.  For example  "I will focus my energy toward gaining abundance and I will release the things that have held me back.”   When the new moon came you focused on how you would achieve abundance and with the Full moon you surrender to the moon and let go of unhealthy behavior and patterning.  The Full Moon encourages us to let go of the things we no longer need in our life as it clears negativity and allows for positive manifestation and divination for the upcoming month.

So how do we release??   There are several ways you can write down things on paper and create a Full Moon Ritual to release by either burying your paper or you can have a ritual fire and burn your paper.  I prefer the burning (might be the pyromaniac..... in me I tend to enjoy making a big fire, as most of my friends know) the bigger the better and toss that paper in fire and watch the release as it goes up in flames.  I see that it is gone and know that it has been dealt with.  

So join me tonight have a fire and release some of our old patterns and look forward to the new Moon in August.  Get your Wish List ready for the New Moon..... I have already started mine.

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  1. Not only are your blog comments beautiful and meaningful, the pictures you find to accompany them are simply amazing, and so lovely!


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