Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Art of Being Grateful

The art of being grateful is a tough one. Many of us live such busy lives that it is hard to take the time each day to reflect upon what we are grateful for. The list of what needs to be done and who we need to see - your children, your spouse, your family; the list seems to grow at times. Our minds go a thousand miles a minute and often without a positive thought or image in the process.

I start each day with thoughts of three things that I am grateful for. This starts my day on a positive note and often the focus of being grateful helps to attract positive people around me. I find that I can jump out of bed in the morning and anticipate the day with a positive outlook....... the sun seems brighter........ the rain feels warmer........ and the day seems to fly by.

I find great pleasure in going out of my way to smile at people. At least once a day I do something special to get someone through their day; a kind word or a simple gesture like sending an Angel to someone. A phone call to someone who is shut in just to say 'I'm thinking of you', or checking on a young Mom with small children to see how her day is; it all makes a difference. Try a compliment mirrored with a smile to your spouse.

It is easy to be negative, to be irritable, or to walk around without making eye contact. It can be far too simple to take your children, family and friends for granted.

Every day may not be a stellar day, but there is something positive and good each and every day.

Bring some sunshine and joy into your life, laugh at yourself, open up and reflect on what you may be grateful for.

Today I am grateful that you read my blog.

Today I am grateful to be surrounded by great friends.

Today I am grateful to be blessed with insight.

Leave a comment and tell me what you are grateful for. 

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