Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gentle Giant

We all have someone in our life family member, friend, co-worker, who has had an experience with cancer.  Not many people think of the animals in our life that are inflicted with this insidious disease.

I have treated many horses and dogs with Rieki and Integrated Energy Therapy, with great success.   I first noticed that our own horse, Quincy (Just a Coincidence) had a growth on his eyeball and through months of monitoring the growth began to affect his vision and sense of people around him.  After unsuccessful attempts to take just the lump, the final decision was made to remove his eye.

Aysha riding Quincy her 'Gentle Giant'
Late last week my daughter Aysha and I faced the somber news that Quincy will lose his eye.   This is where I feel helpless; my abilities with Reiki and IET are not enough to stop God's will.  

I do however, have the ability to surround Quincy with Angels and healing energy to help protect him.   My abilities to help animals means that I can communicate to Quincy and send messages of encouragement and love. 

Today is surgery day.   I ask my readers to please say a prayer for Quincy and all animals who are suffering; keep them in your thoughts because animals do not have the voice that we do as humans to convey their fear or pain.   Quincy like most animals will remain stoic throughout the process.  

We love our "Gentle Giant".  


  1. My thoughts are with Quincy today. And my love goes out to you and Aysha. God Bless.

  2. Surrounding Quincy with Angels, and gentle, healing Light and Love.


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