Sunday, March 6, 2011

Because You Asked


As a psychic there are many questions that I am asked that are beyond the things that people want to know about themselves. One of the most repetitive questions is 'how did you know you are psychic?

As a child I knew things, it would bring in extra money to keep quiet or to stand in line and get the treasured weekly red sucker. I would hear my name called and I would see things that no one else could see.
As a teenager I had dreams that would come true. I would tell people things and a lot of kids avoided me. I was different. I still am.

When I reached my 20's I shut 'it' off. I did not want this. I could not let people know that I thought perhaps I was crazy. When you tell a doctor that you here voices they suggest meds or quiet rooms. I cried a lot.

After years of therapy I still heard the voices and knew things. I went to see a psychic who wanted to know why I was not using my 'gift'. I quickly looked for some unknown package that perhaps was beside me; only to realize the psychic was talking about all the things that I have labeled as me being 'crazy' - and the medical field validating. I understood those childhood 'friends' were really there and why no one else could 'see'; why I knew things about other people, those who passed away and why they may have messages for someone.

I reopened my mind and started to use my ability as the gift that it is, the gift that I was meant to have. I stopped crying. I felt happiness again. I still felt different and odd from most people, and somehow that I didn't quiet fit in.
People seemed drawn to me to tell their life stories; and I could fill in the blanks without even knowing them. People would tell me how happy they were and I could see that they were not. I could see when people were lonely, and that it wouldn't be long before they found happiness. I knew when my husband would be mad at me on my way home from work and I wouldn't go home.
I went to a psychic trade show and saw a tarot reader there; I read my own cards before she did. She sat there very quietly and asked why I wasn't reading at the show. I had no answer for her, and yet I had the answers. I felt at home.

At family gatherings my sister use me as the entertainment and pimp me out to her friends to do readings, which eventually lead me to doing readings on a regular basis outside of family functions.
I am now in my comfort zone. I don't feel out of place or different any more. I am ME. Yes, I know things, I see things sometimes, I hear things. Throughout the years I have been able to help people in many facets of their life; I help them look down the road and see what might be coming their way. This is were I am meant to be. I am Blessed.

In my personal life I am blessed with a husband, four children, two dogs and several horses.

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