Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting to Know Your Angels

Archangel Michael is denoted as the greatest of all Angels in writings throughout the world. His name means; 'He who is like God'. Michael is one of the most popular Angels within several spiritual and religious traditions.  Archangel Michael’s leadership role is undisputed, He is called The Prince, Greater Lord, Director of the Angelic Kingdom, or Commander of the Heavenly Host and of the heavens viceroy.

Lapis lazuli is the crystal that relates harmoniously to Archangel Michael; the Archangel of protection, courage, and truth.

Archangel Michael is, in many circles, thought to be the Patron Saint of the Warrior. Police officers and soldiers regard Him as their patronMichael polices Heaven and earth, even today.   In prayers we ask Archangel Micheal to protect our police, who are protecting the good citizens from the evil ones.  Michael is the Archangel in Heaven who led God’s forces against Satan and defeated him. It was from this action that Michael has always been connected with the forces of good winning over the forces of evil. Pope Pius XII made Archangel Michael the Patron Saint of police in 1950.

When working with Archangel Michael, he shows us how to increase our ability to deal with problems, helps us cut through all distractions, and negotiate a path to serenity. While Michael is a warrior, his victory is obtained with gentleness.  Michael, the Angel and Ruler of the first ray, works from the first ray of blue. He protects us from evil intentions and false illusions.

Call on Archangel Michael to assist you if feel the presence of negative forces. He can remove negative energy from any area in your life.  Whenever you feel afraid or vulnerable call on Michael for instant protection mentally, physically, emotionally and for personal courage.

"Archangel Michael I need your help. 
Please come to me now!"

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