Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quincy Update

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent me notes about Quincy.
I can't believe a week has gone by sooo fast, yet the day of Quincy's surgery felt like a week on its own.

The true test of a Veterinary Doctor's barn-stall-manner is if they can assure the patient and the family. Our Vet did just that, he was great with Quincy and with us.
He started with a joke and then asked how I was doing; 'are you kidding me'.... shake, shiver, pout and then I cried.  I was so nervous for Quincy.  
I knew the surgery was the best thing for Quincy; his eye had to be removed to ensure the cancer would not spread further. But, it didn't make my decision any easier. I questioned the vet again.   He assured me one more time; the surgery needed to be performed.  No more discussion, it was time to get work.   

Quincy was cranky, Cranky, CRANKY. 'What, no breakfast?'  He was searching our faces, 'have you lost your minds'
'Get the food'; he nickered. It has to wait Quincy. 

The Vet performed the surgery on Quincy's eye in his stall at the barn. We gently laid Quincy down and got to work;  the vet, his trainer and myself.  Absent from the process was my daughter; she couldn't bear to be there.   

During the surgery Quincy became unsteady; his breathing was irregular.  I started to cry (and pray). What am I doing; I questioned myself.  Then I got down on the stall floor and started Reiki and IET on our Gentle Giant.   I could feel the energy heat up my hands as I called in my angels and guides.   I could feel Quincy relax and noticed his breathing become regular again.   
I smiled. I breathed.  I knew Quincy realized that I was there; and as long as I was calm, so was he.   I opened my eyes, looked up and could see tears in the eyes of my trainer.  We didn't talk, but we knew Quincy was OK.

Only a couple of hours later Quincy was standing,  I was holding him until he was steady.   He put his head down and grabbed the zipper on my coat; he pulled it up and down rubbing his head on my chest.   
Then Quincy stopped and left his head there for a minute........ close to my heart, I could feel a huge thank you from him. At that point it dawned on me, Quincy has been silly for months. He was  spooking at everything and seeing shadows in his stall.   
My horse had been in pain; not that he wasn't after the operation, but I saw for a moment the old Quincy we know.   

Quincy was eyeing the bale of hay across from his stall, he was hungry.   As soon as time allowed we gave Quincy his hay back.  We know our Gentle Giant well and I know he smiled at us, he was so hungry.  Quincy spooked once and almost launched himself out of his stall.  Then he looked at me as if to say 'what the heck, you know I can't see'.  I had a chuckle with him and we had a snuggle together.

Like anyone healing, after a few days you get restless, Quincy was no different.... he wanted out.   I wanted to baby him and he was having no part of it.  Quincy's trainer set him loose after a walk around his paddock.  Our boy Quincy is back into his regular routine out by the hay bale and his daily grooming.  He is happy, his head held high. "Look at me." He trots around snorting. 'I am beautiful', I can hear him say. 

Yes he is,  "Our Gentle Giant".


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