Friday, April 1, 2011

TAROT :: The Fool

One of my favourite cards in the Tarot is the Fool.   He is numbered as zero and some decks put him at the beginning and others at the end. I prefer to place him at the beginning as he is starting out on a journey, and so we begin.  

The Fool is usually depicted as a court jester and usually full of surprises, an adventurer with no set direction, just on the way to a new path.  The Fool is a risk taker, he will meet new people on the way.  The key with The Fool is that he taking a new direction, new relationship, job or start in life.  

The Fool is very carefree and sure of himself.   It is an exciting journey for him.   He calls out the inner child in ourselves that wants us to follow our inner instincts.  Take chances and do something wild but not stupid.  

REVERSED  The Fool warns don’t do anything foolish - now is not the time to take risks.  Think things through before you act.  

Look at the colours in the card how do they make you feel, use your intuition and write down your feelings from this card. 

Our adventure continues with The Magician...........

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  1. Cyndi is fantastic! She has helped me so much. I can not express my gratitude......You were sent by angels!!!


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