Friday, June 17, 2011


Many people say to me "I want to Believe"!   They want to know that someone is out there looking after them.   They want to believe that there is something after death.   They want to believe that there is Angels.   They want to believe there is hope.   They want me to validate to them that there is.

Well to be plain and simple there is.  To me there is.   I can see, hear and feel them around me.   It is not so easy for everyone to know that they are there.  In fact many people have no idea that a loved one or angel is around them.  So how can you tell that you have a loved one around you that has passed over?     They show people in so many ways.    It will be a familiar smell, a picture will subtlety be forever crooked or moved, you will wake just before sleep feeling to feel someone is watching you, you will feel someone in the room where no one is there.  Pets will wag there tail excitedly and look at you as if to say "Hey don't you see?"

How do we know there are Angels.   There are countless Angel stories around us all the time.   Many people love to share their Angels stories with me and I love to hear them.   I also have my own Angel story that I will share with you in the upcoming weeks.   At my girlfriends horrific car accident while waiting to be cut out the police officer came and said to her "I came to see the Angel cage."  There was nothing left of her car only a spot that kept her safe and alive.

 I just ask my Angels to come and help, be with me or I send them off to help other people.   They are waiting for you to ask for help.   In times of need, trouble or you just need a friend or guidance call on them to help.

Believing is hard.   We all want proof.   Visible proof.  None of the Hebe jeeby  stuff.   You want to see it right before your eyes.   The funny thing is - they are right in front of you.   They do send messages whether it is our loved ones on the other side or our angels and guides.   How many times have you had the message in your head - don't do it, don't go and we ignore it and do it anyway and think - "I knew I shouldn't have"!

Take the time over the next couple of weeks and look for signs - ASK for them - Believe

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