Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I wish we could stop time

Its the summer time and do you notice that although the days are longer the days feel shorter.  You try to pack each and every moment into these days.   There is work, parties and your calender gets full very quickly.

I would like to stop the clock or even extend it by 8 hours to get everything done.   These days I find that by the time I finish work, make dinner, clean up, go back to work and sit down to even write it is after 11 pm and I sit there and stare at the screen to tired to write or even think.

So my mission today is to slow down time.   My son is home for 24 hours to move his finance out to Newfoundland with him so I am making every hour count.   The whole house is vibrating with energy to see him.   So this week my vision is to pack in my day before 2 pm and have some down time.   I will envision trying to get all my work done and slow down time.   I will stress this week and I will enjoy my week.   As my friend says ITS A GREAT DAY.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you succeed because I will attempt to pause, pass through or even go back through time using my psychic energy. There just has to be more you can do with psychic energy.


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