Monday, June 13, 2011

Grateful Mondays

Well it is a beautiful Monday and we have a lot to be GRATEFUL for and today I am sharing with your our weekend.

I am Grateful that Quincy is doing so beautifully after his operation.   He is enjoying a brush and a workout before we leave for the show.   He is at home this year retired from the show ring for the time being but happy to be spoiled.

Quincy having his workout
He is GRATEFUL to be back to normal and working

Meet "Rascal" the new baby at the barn from Mom "Tessa" who is watching him in the background.  "Tessa" was Aysha's first horse.
We are GRATEFUL "Rascal" is healthy and happy.

Meet "Malachite" our Jack Russel.   He appears to be our new mechanic and checking the truck over thoroughly before we leave for our horse show.

We are GRATEFUL to have such a wonderful funny dog.   He and Bailey spend hours and hours playing in the field.

Meet Aysha and Magic Chances her new show horse.   Magic is very new to our family and we will have many updates over the summer.
We are GRATEFUL to have a new horse to show.

Aysha and Chance awaiting the judges decision.  We are GRATEFUL to bring home four First place Ribbons, one Second place Ribbon, and one Third place Ribbon. 

Two very Proud Girls after their class.
Aysha and friend.

They are GRATEFUL to be at the show and that they are great friends

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