Monday, April 18, 2011

The Art of Being GRATEFUL :: Mondays

It's Monday, and a time once again to reflect on what You are GRATEFUL for.   

I hope you join me and send these grateful intentions out to the universe. Allow everything that you take for granted to be shared universally throughout the world.

I am GRATEFUL for the ABUNDANCE of food available to me and my family. I envision that each and every person in this world has at this time the same abundance.

Join me in sending this vision.

I am GRATEFUL for a healthy body and the ability to have access to medical attention, and for the resources to seek medical attention at my finger tips.

I envision a world that is HEALTHY and offers the ability to each and every person to  have MEDICAL ATTENTION without boundaries.

Join me to send this vision.

I am GRATEFUL to live in a Country that is at PEACE.

My VISION is to see that PEACE is worldwide and that we can send PEACE to all of the countries that are at unrest.  I send PEACE to the universe, to quiet the aftershocks that are continuing in JAPAN, so that the people there can continue with the efforts to rebuild.


I am GRATEFUL to have you help me.

TOGETHER, we can do this. As ONE I stand alone.

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