Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A day in My Life :: What are the funniest Questions you are asked?

These are some of my favourite stories while doing Readings.

Favorite Question

1.   Can you give me the winning LOTTERY NUMBERS?

Seriously, if I had those numbers I would be playing them MYSELF!  

Favorite Relief 

2.    I was doing some readings on the lake for some cottagers and finally reached the last lady.   Throughout the reading was incredibly nervous.   When we reached the end of our session she breathed a huge sigh of relief.    After a few moments she stated "I was so nervous that you saw me pee out in the bush last night.   I was so drunk that I was afraid to have a reading today and have you tell me about it"!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep that's me hiding in the bush waiting all night to catch someone peeing while they were drunk.   hmmmmm

A lot of people seem to think I have an ability to see their each and every move before they come to see me.

3.   My absolute favorite question is when I will ask someone "how are you today?"    The reply    "I don't know you tell me?"

Favorite Outburst

4.   When I first started to do readings for people, (other then friends and family),  I had the pleasure of reading for one man who insisted I did a reading for him at the end of the day.    After I finished the reading he stood up and shouted at me angrily "What did you do........ go out and call all my friends and relatives and ask about me?"     To which I quietly replied that one, I have never met nor do I have your families numbers;    and two,  up until an hour ago I had no idea that I would be doing a reading!!!!

I love my life.

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