Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TAROT :: The High Priestess

The High Priestess

The HIGH PREISTESS sits on a throne which resembles a cresent moon. She wears a flowing sky blue gown. The colour blue represents well developed basic intuitive instincts.  In her lap is a book.  Is it the book of knowledge?   The swag of drapes behind her flow in the colour of purple representing our third eye and our spiritual side.  The HIGH PREISTESS knows things. She holds the mysteries of "BEYOND THE PSYCHIC VEIL".  She is your intuition. 

It's time to trust your own intuition.  Open up your sixth sense, the awareness within you.  By trusting your gut instincts, you can't go wrong.  Pay attention to your dreams, as they may have keys to events that are unfolding around you.  

Things before you may not be what they seem. SO TREAD CAREFULLY.    
When THE PREISTESS reveals herself in a reading, she says its time to use your intuitive side.   The path before you may take 30 days to work through.   

'TRUST '; she says.  'LISTEN to your INTUITION.'  


As hard as it may be, its time to be calm, cool and collected.    There is more here than meets the eye.   You may feel that you are on an emotional rollercoster, so be cautious of whom and where you place your trust.  

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