Thursday, April 28, 2011


When the EMPRESS shows up in your reading you are very close to reaching your goals. The EMPRESS represents Mother Earth and all of the riches she has to offer.  You have much to be proud of. It's time to reach for the stars and go for the gold because within Mother Earth she holds all the precious gems, minerals and gold. With the EMPRESS you can do anything.

The EMPRESS personifies fertility, prosperity, perhaps a new home, peace, and an abundance of good things to come. For someone waiting for a child to come she often brings good news of babies on the way, or a birth of a new project.

 The Empress brings new energy and spice into a relationship or marriage. Things on the horizon just seem so much brighter. Everything is falling into place.

REVERSED ..............

ROAD BLOCKS, ROAD BLOCKS, ROAD BLOCKS.  The harder you push ,the harder it is to open doors before you.  You are feeling like you are taking two steps forward and five steps backward.  Keep face now, this is just an intermission, things will be back on track soon.  Just let sleeping dogs lie for now. It won't be long before things turn around.

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