Friday, April 15, 2011


Have you ever experienced, just at the moment of 'almost asleep', that you felt as if someone was watching you?   Did you jolt awake to see who was standing there to find no one?  Do you often feel as if someone is behind you looking over your shoulder, and when you turn to check, you see there is no one there?

Is there a house in your neighbourhood that is empty or abandoned?  The word within the community is that the house is thought to be haunted.  Are you fearful to walk past that house at night and look at it in fear you might look in a window and see someone looking back at you? Do you then bolt quickly or run?

Have you ever been in a place where you felt incredible sadness or anger, or a cold spot that you could not explain? Do objects in your house sometimes move and you swear you are losing your mind?   You know without a doubt you left them in one spot and now they are either not there, or in a completely different place.

Have you ever thought of someone you haven't seen for awhile and you either have a phone call or you see them within a couple of days?  

Do you believe in the possibility of GHOSTS? 

I believe that there are spirits of people who have not 'crossed over' for many reasons.   These are Ghosts.  I have found that they appear in many different forms; sometimes you experience a sudden fragrance or distinct smell such as tobacco. You may have an apparition or you may hear voices ....... and other times you may just sense 'they are here'.    Why are they still here?    The feeling comes from Spirits that are lingering; those that have unfinished business and just do not realize that they are dead.  

Why do they not cross over?  Well sometimes it may be a child that they can't bear leaving and stays to watch over those who remain. Another reason is that if their life has resulted in a traumatic circumstance (like a car accident) they really have no idea they are dead.  If the person passed from a murder they sometimes stay to ensure that justice is done or until someone locates their body.

Our loved ones send us messages and peek in on us to let us know they are ok.   They are not ghosts, they appear in spirit or energy form.  We call them Spirits.   They have crossed over to the other side, they are very peaceful, any feelings of pain or anger is replaced with love, peace and joy.

Spirits can send messages to you telepathically. They will appear in a dream and it can be so real, with details so vivid, that this referred to as 'a Visit'.   Spriits have the ability to turn lights on, to make a phone ring or move objects; just to let you know that they are around.   Their message is usually quite simple - I AM HERE WITH YOU.

Have you noticed a particular bird around you all the time?  Perhaps a Cardinal???    Do butterflies seem to follow you ? .....maybe it is dragonflies.   A picture frame may continuously either move or hanged crooked on the wall..... all of these things are signs from Spirits.  They send simple messages to let you know they are here with you, and they are looking out for you.

Frequently in places where a tragedy has occurred, residual energy remains.   You may feel anger, cold or a profound sadness around these areas of residual energy;  it is always in the same place, never moves and each time you are in that spot you will feel the exact same thing.

In the upcoming months I will share some of my most spectacular and funny stories with you about Spirits.


  1. I like to read stories that related to ghost but for me very fear,i read this story yes i believe it.

  2. I really like it when individuals get together and share ideas. Great website, stick with it!


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