Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today is Different - I will have to wait for a phone call - so I will have to wait patiently for that call to come.    It will be around 6:00 am my time (6:00 am and I am waiting for a phone call you say who is up at that time??????--- It is WHITE RABBIT DAY I HAVE BEEN AWAKE FOR HOURS)  7:30 my sons time.   This is the first time ever he hasn't been home to shout out


If you have just started to read my Blog my son Isaiah moved to Newfoundland just over three weeks ago.  Isaiah  phoned just after he arrived there to say White Rabbit - I was confused!!!  I thought maybe he had lost all track of time.  Maybe the move was too much for him.  Yes I would be the worry wart mom.  So I called him on it.   "Do you know what day it is?" I said.    Big sigh "yes mom I know what day it is, but I just saw a white rabbit"   Isaiah laughed at me and I couldn't help but laugh too.    I miss my son.


Well the Rabbit has had a busy month not only did he have Easter to contend with, but with each of the lives he has touched this month.  All the newbies that are now shouting out HAPPY WHITE RABBIT DAY 


I get almost as excited as Christmas on this day ---- its my day to hear from all my friends whom I have not been in touch with since last month on the first.    My phone is tucked in beside me, (ok so my phone and my cell phone).  It is so fantastic to have so many friends that have now joined in on this tradition.   A lot of them started just because they thought I was a little - oh how shall I put this - oh yeah - LOOPY  

So please join me again today and wish as many people as you can HAPPY WHITE RABBIT DAY bring on the luck, the laughter and the HAPPINESS oh and don't forget his little surprise somewhere in the month.

I shall put forth a challange to you to at least say HAPPY WHITE RABBIT to ten people today.  PASS on the luck, make someone smile, make someones day.   Its fun to be Silly.   Don't forget to include me - Wish me Happy White Rabbit Day!!   I will be AWAKE waiting for your wish!

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  1. Happy White Rabbit Day to you my friend. You are not loopy.....but a wonderful bundle of fun and love. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit......


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