Tuesday, May 31, 2011


What a week.   What a month.   HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY WHITE RABBIT DAY.    The Bunny was very good to me this month and brought some amazing surprises for me and even more for my Birthday.   I was spoiled. 

Well two days in a row I have to sleep with my cell phone in bed waiting for those HAPPY WHITE RABBIT CALLS TO COME.   The challenge last month was to at least say HAPPY WHITE RABBIT DAY  to ten people and pass it on.   Well to my surprise on the last WHITE RABBIT DAY when I went into a local restaurant and everyone was yelling WHITE RABBIT DAY to me.   I have to say it is the best way to start a month.   Friends calling being silly together because now we all have to out do each other.  You will hear the shout of HUGE WHITE RABBIT, OR MONSTER WHITE RABBIT and so on and on.   The bigger the rabbit the bigger the surprise.   I know I had some pretty big unexpected surprises.  

So lets repeat the challenge this month try and say HAPPY WHITE RABBIT to at least ten people get excited,  get those smiles going wait in bed with the phone.

If this is your first time reading about White Rabbit saying it three times will bring you good luck through out the month and you will receive an unexpected surprise from someone.   So join in say HAPPY WHITE RABBIT  and start a tradition.

Hey what are you waiting for


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