Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time Flys

Do you ever wake up and wonder where the days go.    In Twenty days it will be my birthday.     I remember when I was 19 year old turning 20 I thought my life was over.   I was an adult now.   I had to rely on my self.   Get a job, find a place to live.    Oh and I would have a baby coming into the world by the time I was 21.   I thought the pressure was on then.

Several years later I have children moving out and two still at home.  The race to complete a day, still has not stopped.    On Sunday I had customers too see and arrange quotes, it was Mothers Day.   I was able to spend an hour or so with my family before I raced three hours away to go to a Wedding that was on Monday.   It was a beautiful day for a wedding and I would not have missed it for the world.   Then race the three hours home right after because I had to be home for a six o'clock meeting and I had jobs to do on Tuesday.   This morning I woke up and started a list of what I needed to accomplish today.   I am weeks behind in work.   My head screamed STOP. 

STOP :: I can't stop I thought.   Stop...... how will I ever get things done.   I am so behind in my cottage work, my house work, yard work, my truck looks like a hobo lives in it, and my blog which I like to keep updated is behind too.   WHAT DO YOU MEAN STOP.   Then I heard THROW OUT THE LIST.   Are you kidding me....... THROW IT OUT.    I can't even function without my day timer telling me where I need to be.   I have too many things to get done.    BREATH I heard just BREATH, what I want to do is cry, I thought.   I feel like I have a mountain ahead of me.   

LOOK OUTSIDE I heard and LISTEN.    I looked and I did not see anything.   OK I thought time to go back to bed again.   LOOK AND LISTEN.   Jeez I thought I have cranky guides this morning.    So I looked again and saw birds many birds just hopping, singing and flying.    They had pretty songs and I listened and my pounding head got quiet.  I moved outside.  I sat outside with my tea and was quiet.    The grass somehow had turned green over night and the trees were budding with leaves and the outside seemed alive.   It was peaceful.   Bailey popped her head under my arm to say "hey you have forgotten about me".    So we snuggled.   I am tired I thought.   I know I have to change some things, but I have obligations to fulfill for this summer.   

Then I laughed I have already had some regular customers that |I have had for 12 years that have sold or moved.    They called this week.   Two customers in the last three days.    The universe is helping me I thought.   Today I am going to take a me day.    I can work on the weekend to play catch up and I will accomplish more.    Its time to slow down.   Enjoy life and do what I love.   I don't want to see the mountain is in front of me, but when I work in the direction that I am supposed to be in.   I can see the beauty.   I can enjoy the light, colours and sounds.    I don't feel the stress.

So today is a me day.    I am taking Time for me.   I tell people that all the time.   I can see into their world but not mine.   Its time to practice what I preach and slow down and be where I need to be.   I really don't like the mountain anyway it is blocking my view.   So I'm tearing up my list as I write this and I am going to BREATH and slow down for a while today.    Life shoots by way to fast and I need to slow down the next couple of weeks because those 20 days will fly right by. 

Enjoy your day today.

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  1. You deserve many, many 'ME DAYS'. Enjoy the tranquility of the moment.


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