Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Its May 3 and today the new moon is here.  Its time for new beginnings  make a wish catch your dreams.

When you make a wish on a new moon the power of the moon has the ability to make this wish come true.   The new moon represents new opportunities and to look for them under the power of the new moon.

It is the only day of the month that the Sun and Moon are on the same page.   So you are drawing on the Power of Two kind of like a power surge if you like.   The warmth of the Sun represents love, the light of the sun, higher powers of our creator. The mystery of the moon our intuitive side, our psychic side.    The combination on this day is great--- no--- perhaps FANTASTIC.   I love a new moon.   Its my day to wish and manifest.   

Take the time today to make a wish come true, make a dream a reality, or just look for some new opportunities to open up.   

Have a great day with the NEW MOON.

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