Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today is my Birthday

Well today I am a year older.   I would like to say a year wiser but I went through the whole of last year thinking I was a year older than what I actually was.   So this year I am the same age.   That means that I can't take credit for being wiser.   But I will check all the limbs make sure they are working and wait in bed for breakfast.

Its an exciting week for me first its my birthday followed by White Rabbit day and then I have an anniversary on the fourth.   I should have booked holidays but I work for this really demanding person and she doesn't often give days off she is kind of a ...... oh but wait that would be me I am my own boss.    I can't even go to management and complain it would be like those cartoons an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.

So what to do for my birthday.   Well my house phone is broken so I won't be able to wait by the phone for my usual well wishers.   I called the telephone company and they won't be here til |Friday.    So I will tuck my cell phone in to bed with me and wait for the calls in the morning.   

I would love to take the day and play in my garden, play with the horses, go for a walk with Bailey and Dakota (the puppy we kept) and with little Malachite..   but I have far to much work to do.   

My children always ask what I would like and its simple - when I come home from work just make sure the house is tidy.   That just puts a big smile on my face.   I love waiting for my dad to call at 6 am with his off key singing voice, then Isaiah will call me, and at the end of the day my oldest daughter Justyne will call from out west and wish me a Happy Birthday Mama and a when are you coming to see me.  

I love every morning Bailey wakes me up with her two paws at the side of my head and a great big lick good morning at which point I will push her down and when I can open my eyes say a good morning to her.    She is a morning dog so when the clock strikes 6 she is up and wants out and her breakfast in the bowl by 8.  

So it will be a great day today I am looking forward to all my many friends and their birthday cheers and then hear from them the very next day for a HAPPY WHITE RABBIT DAY.   I CAN'T WAIT

Pretend today is your Birthday and Celebrate your birthday with me.   Have a great day.  Happy Birthday to you!!!!

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