Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Day in my Life :: I'm out of the Closet

Well I am not hanging in the trees anywhere. I have checked a couple of times and yes, I still have a pulse.  

After over ten years, I finally did readings in my home town and I lived to tell you about it.   My name appeared in the paper, and I had friendly comments (some a little stand offish) but over all it was rather well accepted.   Only three people ran to the other side of the street...... and maybe that wasn't even because of me.  I would say that was rather good odds.  

One women who came for a reading looked me in the eye and asked where I was from.   I replied and noted that I was from the same town she lives in. She was quick to decide that she did not want a reading from me  "Not someone who is from the same Town she declared. Likely she was afraid of it being a small town and you know I might have to tell everyone about her and her reading.  It is like this after you leave the seat pretty much all the information goes with you.  After having 10 other people before you looking for some sort of guidance in their world my head is so tired,  that the last thing I want to do is set up a singing telegram for everyone to hear.   Its gone, don't ask me what I said because I have no idea.  Its gone.  I like that, because the last thing I want to have is other peoples business in my head all night long.

I dressed normal for the readings and I left the witch hat, gypsy suit, cats, broom, all at home with my crystal ball.

The readings were a nice quiet introduction into the immediate area.  No one showed up with a rope, there were no fires - (good thing as my Husband and Sons are on the fire department.  (I have a tendency to get into trouble with fires from them - only once ok twice).  Once I had a bon fire that was about 20 feet wide and thirty feet high that may have caused a just little commotion.    The other one well........I blew my self off the fire about 20 feet away.   I am not allowed gas for my fires anymore.   But hey it was a good day.

I got to tell you I woke up in a sweat, actually it was a full blown panic attack. I grabbed a cup of tea on the way and strolled in.  Yes, I was nervous, my first time full out nervous.  One of the other readers decided to break the ice and get things rolling and a couple of us pull a couple of cards.    That got the energy moving.   Then we had clients coming.  Then I was fine or so I thought....

The first couple of readings were a great warm up; then the door opened and I heard a familiar voice.   "Do you remember me".  I was really hoping a hole opened up in the floor and I was swallowed up.   That didn't happen (well so much for the magic powers and the "poof your a frog" ).    Sitting across from me waiting for a reading was my teacher from third and fourth grade. That teacher scared me to death when I was in her class, and she was doing a pretty good job of it now.   I could clearly remember those old pointer sticks at school. I could feel my legs tremble, but the funny thing is, the teacher didn't seem to notice. But  just for the heck of it, I had to tell her. In her school teachers voice of authority she laughed and said "get on with it".

She laughed and laughed. I remembered back in the day, I would go to school with a dirty face sometimes, I wore clean clothes,  but it depended on the day. My Mother worked nights and didn't seem to notice when us kids stepped out.
It was interesting having the former teacher sitting in front of me for a reading; I called her by her first name and that was a big deal for me.   I never dreamed in a million years I could address her so informally.

Amazingly the former teachers view of me was different. She recanted that I was a good student. REALLY,  I thought REALLY?!  I recalled that homework wasn't something of much importance (I may have blamed the dog for eating my homework on more than one occasion);  but here I was getting ready to do the reading of my former teacher. Oh, and did I tell you, I was scared?   So I started the reading and the next thing I realized is that we were finished.  I lived through it and she was happy. HAPPY - well I was glad the magic didn't work today.  

The next few readings flew by; then I opened the door for the next person to take a seat for a reading.  And now I was face to face with the teachers daughter.  Now the teachers daughter is a few years older than I am,  and not the kind of girl you wanted to 'mess with' in school.  She was the kind of girl you stayed clear of if at all possible. Yes I was afraid of her at the time.   I think if maybe you read between the lines I might have been just a little scared of my whole day.  I began the reading for the teachers daughter and half way through the reading I started to laugh. I told her that if I could have seen the soft heart she had back then, the school bus ride may have been a lot more fun. We laughed over our impression of each other as kids and finished up with a great big hug.  

So how did I get involved doing readings in my home town?  Well that is a story in itself.   My daughter brought home an advertisement about a new hair salon in town and told me that I knew the lady that was opening the shop. I looked at the ad and sure enough  I went to school with her,  so I gave her a call.   It was a Monday and I was off so I called, but no answer.   I came home on Wednesday and saw the number I thought to myself, how nice they call you back even when you don't leave a message.  So I called again.   The girl I went to school with answered the phone and said hey can I call you back in 15 minutes.

Strange I thought, usually they just give you a time and thought no more about it.     Then she called.  " I am mad", she said.  Mad I thought.
"You didn't tell me!" she said.   Well, I thought you don't have a machine to leave a message.   "I had to hear it from my friend who lives two hours away."   That I needed a hair cut I thought ?? What ?? Who on earth there would know that I needed a hair cut?  Before I could say another word she told me she was having a Grand Opening Party and it would include a Psychic Fair and would I be a reader.    Well then I laughed.   Sure I said and then I hung up.

Hold on I thought. No, No, and well NO!!  Wait a minute, this was in my home town. Your expecting me to break a major rule. I don't do readings anywhere that is under an hour and a half away near to my town.

I had better call her back no maybe go see her explain the rule and talk her out of it.    I went to see her and we talked and talked about school.  I did a reading for her while I was there and then..... oh..... I forgot to tell her no.
But it was for a good cause, to raise money for a little boy struggling with Leukemia.  How could I say no.  The money raised would help his family while they were battling this disease.  I had to go.  I went and I lived.  

This is where I am meant to be.   I will be a part of their new family.  I will open my shop (actually a room in her shop) this coming September. It will give me the opportunity to  do readings from my own space, to finally put some roots down and to stop running.   I still will do some readings while on the road.  But I am excited to join this group and I already feel like I belong.  I haven't felt like that in a long time. Thank you everyone for including me.   

If anyone in Town gives me a hard time, there is now a group of supporters who can go "POOF YOUR A FROG".


  1. Hey scaredy cat,
    Anyone gives you a hard time, I'll go stare at them. Glad you made it out of the closet and lived to tell the tale. Sometimes it takes that terrifying first step into the abyss to discover just how much support you have out there.
    A teacher's daughter

  2. Greetings,

    I'm enjoying your blog very much. I'm so glad that you faced your fear and started doing readings. I myself began opening up to that world last year and it has been incredible journey. No, I do not do readings but I have been channeling. It was a person like you who helped to put me on the right path. What you do is very important. We need people like you. :)


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