Sunday, May 15, 2011

RELAX :: Its Sunday

Its Sunday. Sure you can race around and do a million things; the laundry, the grocery shop, take the kids here, there and everywhere.  You can have a crazy day with no time for YOU, again.

Maybe its time to S L O W  down. The seasons seem to be flying by.  Your children, who you swore you just brought home from the hospital. are now walking out the door to get a job. You ask yourself; "where did the time go?"   

It's time to S L O W  down, to bring LAUGHTER back into your life. It's time to LOVE more and LIVE the life you want.   We are so busy living for everyone else, that sometimes we forget about ourselves. TODAY take time for YOU. Yes YOU!

FORGET about schedules, the clock that keeps ticking, and forget about your LISTS. Get back to basics....... go for a walk with nature; take in the beauty and breath it in.

Enjoy your day - RELAX its Sunday !

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