Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its May 21, 2011 :: Its Rapture Day

It's May 21, 2011; according to one young lady I spoke to recently this is the day of the apocalypse.   It's the day of Rapture and I am waiting. Waiting to go. NO? OK!   I'm pretty sure I am not on the list.   You see I know things, and I do know that most churches are very taboo about psychics.  And yet many people are preparing to get ready from the end of the world.  Most of the believers of the apocalypse are very religious; and it is in the bible that the preachers preach about the Book of Revelation continuously and prepare us to make our maker.  Now they are giving us an exact date.  How cool is that?   Maybe I can set up a table for them and they can do readings along with me. 

So do you suppose people who are expecting the end of the world pack a suitcase. I wonder where will this young woman sit waiting for God to take her.   Will she wait in the park.  Will she call all her friends and wish them a pleasant good bye.

What would you do if you didn't make the list?   Would you call them the next day just as nothing happened and just like getting cut from a sports team say; "I guess I wasn't good enough this year,  maybe next time."  
What worries me is how many people are so sure that this apocalypse is happening, and those will take their own measures to ensure they make it there. True believers know that taking your own life is a sin and you won't get on the list anyway.   I guess there just won't be a win win for anyone. 

I am going to take the day off and check the sky. Hopefully it is a beautiful day and I can plant some flowers and keep an eye out for the influx of people leaving.  I know I am definitely not on the list, so I had better make sure that I pay my bills as usual and clean the house (on second thought I might have just found an escape clause for today).  'Sorry honey no chores done, no laundry, no supper and no anything.   I thought I was on the list.'

I will be busy getting ready to post my blog for Sunday and enjoy having a day off now, apparently doing nothing.   I will keep my eye out for the people leaving and I hope they give us a little wave on the way. I am pretty mad that I didn`t make the list and knew ahead of time (must be that intuition thing) but all is well. Maybe the lady at euchre will have made the list and it will save me doing the 'poof, you're a frog trick'.  Now wouldn't that just take all the fun out of it.   I couldn't play euchre with her and wink and let on that I knew what was in her hand.   Well maybe she isn't on the list and it is game on.  

So enjoy your day. I hope you have a day of rapture, but with your family and friends. It should be a great day, and the weather people are calling for sunshine and blue skies.  Take advantage of your Saturday, and if you work you may have an excuse to call in.  If you are waiting for your name to be called well good luck to you.

"Hi boss, yes - I think I might be on God's list and I had better be home to answer his call.  I wouldn't want you to be the reason I missed his call" 

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