Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day in my Life :: The World is Ending

"It's almost here, - it's time to get ready"; the girl proclaimed. "are you ready."     
For what, I thought.
'May 21', she stated.
OK, I will play along; 'what happens on May 21, 2011?'
'Well', she said, 'I get to go to heaven'. 
Strange women. So I asked, 'have you have been given this date as a time that you are going to die, or are you checking out on that day?'

She looked at me as though I had two heads.

" It's the day that many of us get to go to our maker. It's the beginning of the end. It's the day of rapture. The fires start in October, so I am hoping I am on the list in May."

"There is a list",  I asked.

She rolled her eyes at me. 'YES, but you have to believe', she said. 

In what, I thought again.   Strange girl, but now I was getting frustrated get to the point.

I finished my very frustrating conversation with this girl and headed home to research and understand exactly what this girl was talking about. The magic of information on the internet is that there is an abundance of information regarding May 21, 2011 and October 21, 2011 .............as being the end of the world.

WHAT ?!!!?

Here we go again I thought. How many times do people try to find an end to the world.   Apparently 44 times it has been predicted, and we are still here .... on earth. 

Is it possible the world will end?  Absolutely. There is always a possibility of a disaster, but more likely as humans we will likely destroy it ourselves with weapons or by not taking care of the environment.

The earth is angry. She shows us with her mud slides, with earth quakes and other natural disasters.  She wants peace, she wants us to take care of the HER, and quit poisoning her. Mother Earth wants us to stop the wars.

And  people continue to discuss and  believe that it is the end of the world.
Do you remember the evening of December 31,1999; when the whole world was waiting for a huge shut down of computers, financial instiutions and the world population was in limbo. While some people were simply bringing in the new year,others were waiting for the world to stop functioning.  I woke up and nothing had changed.

So, if you really believed that you were 'being taken' on the 21st of May, do you pack a suitcase, sit at the side of the road?   Can you imagine the let down at the end of the day when you are still sitting there with your suitcase.   The humiliation that God didn't pick you.  You weren't good enough to go on.  'To much pressure' I say.

So I thought, if this is the prediction then wouldn't all the churches be on board with this theory.   Wouldn't they have little sleep over signs.

Pick my church to come home.  Pick me, Pick me.  

So I went for a drive and discovered that not one church had a sign. Not one.
So if this was 'a for sure thing', why are the churches not giving the date or getting  on board with the plan.

When I ask if the end is near, my Guides chuckle and explain that I have many years of work left.   Hmmm, not quite what I was hoping for. I was hoping for the lottery numbers, retirement, or maybe even a trip to a tropical island.
The information that I get is that we are in for BIG changes in the next year and that we move into a more spiritual side of things. And as light workers, it is our job to help more and more people. It's time for change, it's time for peace and it is time for the swords to be put down.


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