Friday, May 27, 2011

Do you Take Time to Dream??

When was the last time you focused on your dreams???? No really focus.   Have you reached any of your dreams so far, touched them or even let your self taste them.   Does life get so busy that you have a glimpse of your dreams and let push it away. 

Today I would like to bring you closer to your dreams and let them happen.


As a child do you remember wanting something and you wished and wished and wished and next thing you know it is sitting in your living room or out in a pasture somewhere. 

Most of us focus on something and then give up on the dream not realizing that it was right there at your finger tips.   I am also guilty of that however, if I decide I really want something and then there is no stopping me.   I can pull that dream in and manifest it and do it pronto.  Then other times I really really want something and as close as I get to it I find it pulls out of my reach its like at the end I give up on the dream.    Oh I really want it but I push it off and off and off.    Eventually it comes but how did I push it away from me. 

Most times its how we feel.   We don't feel like we deserve it or someone else deserves it more.    Its the same as money someone once said if you thought of the ocean as money and you had a sand bucket how many times could you go back to get some before the ocean was empty.   NEVER.   So why do each us feel there is never enough money and  we limit ourselves to it.



|Do not put limitations on yourself.   You are worthy and hey your sand bucket is the same as anyone else's.    Go as many times as you want to the ocean of money and fill your bucket up.    See the dream, feel the dream and own the dream.    You know yourself when you want something bad enough the money is always there for you.    Or it just is yours.    Work within those parameters and you will see that you can achieve anything.    Nothing is impossible.   Throw all your doubts, fears and I cant's into the garbage or the fire.

Today take the time to DREAM and let the DREAM come to life.   

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